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Canyon View FAQs 

What is the Casa Primavera Home Owners Association (AKA Canyon View) and how does this relate to me? 

By being a homeowner in Canyon View, you are a part of the Casa Primavera HOA. The purpose of the HOA is to ensure the integrity of our homes, neighborhood, and common areas. We are governed by covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), which allow for regulations to impose quality living. As a homeowner, you elect a Board of Directors to set policies, set an annual budget, and enforce the CC&Rs. Owners who want to have the assurance of CC&Rs that their neighbor’s property will be maintained and who wish to enjoy common property choose to live in an HOA. 
Who determines the HOA dues and assessment of these charges? 
The Board sets the amount of HOA dues. The amount collected for HOA dues is reviewed yearly by the HOA Board and can be reassessed to meet current and future financial obligations as deemed necessary. The current rate is $62 per month for each home.  

How do I pay my HOA dues? 

Send your dues to Cardinal Professional Management Company (PO Box 27066, Tucson AZ 85726). You also may choose to arrange for your bank to automatically make payments on your behalf, or do so yourself via electronic banking. If you choose to do so, you may put your payment in the locked box in the clubhouse, however please be advised that the HOA does not guarantee its security…Never put cash in the clubhouse box. Regardless of how you pay your dues, you will not receive a receipt. There are no “payment coupons.” It is your responsibility to pay your dues at least monthly or in lump sums quarterly or annually as you wish. 

How are the HOA Board members determined? 

As set forth in the HOA bylaws, Board members are elected by homeowners to serve three-year terms. There are five Board members who serve “staggered” terms so that the Board has continuity. The election takes place at the annual HOA meeting in February. Board members elected agree to serve on a voluntary basis, without pay. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact a member of the Nominating Committee. 

What are the responsibilities of the HOA Board? 

As a volunteer member of the Board the responsibilities include but are not limited to enforcement of all covenants, restrictions and conditions set forth by the HOA. For more information refer to the by-laws.  

Can I contact the Board members directly? 

You are welcome to contact the Board by phone or by placing a request or comment in the box in the Clubhouse. 

How often do the HOA members meet? 

Annual Meetings of the HOA members are held each February and at special meetings that may be called for purposes outlined in the by-laws. Every HOA member is welcome to attend regular Board meetings and Board work sessions. Watch the newsletter and the Clubhouse bulletin board for meeting notices. 

What can I do to assist with the HOA? 

By being a homeowner who follows the CC&Rs and by-laws; attending meetings and returning ballots for elections and issues at hand; making sure you are current in paying your HOA dues; and, by volunteering in HOA activities.  
What are my responsibilities as a homeowner within the association? 
Your responsibilities include but are not limited to maintaining your residence as stated in the CC&Rs and the Rules of Casa Primavera in order to ensure property values and quality of life within the Canyon View neighborhood. This is a year-round responsibility, even if you are away from your property for part of the year. You are also responsible to be current on all dues, liens, and/or assessments assigned to you and/or your property. In addition, you are asked to be a participant in the “Neighborhood Watch” organization of which Canyon View is a part.  

Why are the clubhouse and pool gates locked? 

The board asks that the clubhouse be locked unless there is a group activity occurring with people frequently entering and exiting. Those using the clubhouse are asked to be sure that the building is locked and lights are off when you leave.  
The pool gates must be locked at all times. 
Each lot has been provided with one key that opens the clubhouse and the pool area. No extra keys are allowed. However, if you lose your key, please report it and request a replacement from Board Member Doris Smith. The non-refundable fee for replacement keys is $50; call 393-0763.   
I would like to make external improvements to the appearance of my home; does this require permission from the HOA Board? 
Any structural changes and aesthetic changes, including paint color, need to be submitted to the Architectural Committee as stated within the CC&Rs. This committee is composed of a current elected Board member and other HOA members. 

How about parking?

Canyon View has guest parking available. The CC&Rs call for no street parking, whatsoever, however the board has agreed that residents and their guests may park in front of residences for short periods of time if necessary. Be cognizant of where you park so that you do not block a garage or park across from another parked vehicle, which may impede an emergency vehicle. If a contractor finds it necessary to park in front of your home to conduct maintenance, painting, and the like, the vehicle may be parked as long as the project continues during daytime hours only. Overnight street parking is not allowed. RV parking is not allowed. Please be considerate of your neighbors and consider the safety of pedestrians who must walk around cars that are not in designated spaces. Do not use the guest parking to store your unused vehicles. See the CC&Rs for more information. 

Can I plant anything I want? 

Your HOA has plant guidelines. We favor low-water use plants and those that are not harmful or invasive in the desert environment. In addition to what you plant, homeowners are expected to keep weeds in check. It’s just not neighborly to let a weed spread or go to seed! A list of allowable plants is included in your New Homeowner Welcome Packet or can be obtained from the Architectural Committee. 

What about trash pickup? 

Trash service is not part of your HOA dues, but the HOA Board selects a vendor for this service to reduce the number of trucks that enter the neighborhood and travel on our streets. At the current time, trash pickup is provided by the Saguaro. You must directly set up a trash pickup account with them by calling 745-8820.  Currently trash and recyclables are picked up on Mondays. 

Are there rules for pets? Our CC&Rs call for pets to be confined to your residence or fenced yard or, if taken outside your property, they must be on a leash. You are required to pick up your animal’s waste from other property owners’ lots or the common area.  

For questions about unleashed dogs on private property and penalties for violations, please refer to Pima Animal Control Ordinances (Section 6.04.030).  Please report any observed infractions of the CC&Rs via signed letter to Casa Primavera HOA, c/o Cardinal Management, PO Box 27066, Tucson AZ 85726. 

For everyone’s safety and to reduce liability, please make sure your dogs do not run loose in Canyon View.  
Who do I contact for pet nuisances such as barking dogs, an aggressive dog or animal, or an unattended pet? 
If you are unable to solve the issue with your neighbor, your concerns need to be addressed with the Pima County Animal Control. You may also notify Cardinal Management. You must include your name, address and contact information as well as the allegedly offending homeowner’s address and/or a description of the animal in question. All dogs must be leashed at all times on Canyon View common property. 
I am a HOA member with a rental home. Are there special rules? 
As a homeowner you are a member of the HOA and subject to all CC&Rs. It is your responsibility to educate your renter of the CC&Rs. Should your home be vacant for any length of time, you are responsible for the up-keep and visual quality of appearance for your home. Canyon View’s amenities are available to renters, however there is no guarantee to renters that they will have access during their lease time due to activities, maintenance schedules, etc. The age restriction of age 55 and older applies to tenants of rental property. 
I am selling my home; what do I need to provide to the title and escrow company? 
You should provide your title and escrow company the address for Cardinal Professional Management, PO Box 27066, Tucson AZ 85726. 
I am a renter in Canyon View; what are my responsibilities?  
You are expected to abide by the same rules as homeowners regarding noise, parking, etc., as outlined in the CC&Rs. Please remember that Canyon View is a neighborhood owned by its residents. We are not a resort and don’t have a staff, so please remember to pick up after yourselves in our common areas, including the pool and spa area. We appreciate you caring for our property as if it were your own. Please contact your landlord and/or contact the HOA Board for any further questions.  
My neighbor’s home can be considered an “eyesore.” What do I do? 
Ask your neighbor in a friendly way to pull weeds, remove dead plants, pick up trash or take care of other issues you consider unsightly. If this does not solve the issue, please write a signed letter outlining the problem to Cardinal Management. 

I suspect suspicious activity; who do I notify? 

You should contact the Pima County Sheriff’s department. Their non-emergency number is 629- 9200.   

How do I file a complaint, ask questions, or address a concern? 

If you feel your neighbor is in violation of the CC&Rs and you would like the HOA to investigate, you can submit a signed letter explaining your concern and/or complaint in writing to Cardinal Management. You need to include your name, address, contact information and a
description of the violation and homeowner’s address. The HOA Board is an elected team of homeowners. It is the responsibility of such Board to enforce the CC&Rs, not solve neighbors’ disputes. The HOA Board will review your correspondence and upon review make a determination of action according to the CC&Rs. If the HOA Board determines there is a violation, the homeowner will be notified in writing.  
I have received a Violation Notice from the management company. 
As a homeowner it is your obligation to uphold the CC&Rs. If you are found to be in violation of any CC&Rs, Cardinal Management will send a Violation Notice will to you at your Canyon View address or another address that you supply. You will be given the opportunity to reply and/or rectify such violation as mentioned in the Violation Notice. Failure to do so can result in fines and/or penalties. Be sure Cardinal Management has a current address at which you can be reached. Mail to your home address in Canyon View from Cardinal Management will not be forwarded to a secondary address. 
I have been assessed with a fine by the HOA. 
Being assessed with a fine and/or penalty by the HOA is a result of the homeowner not complying within a timely manner to a Violation Notice sent by the HOA’s management firm. Once you have received a fine you are obligated not only to rectify such violation but also to pay any penalties imposed. You will receive a Violation Notice at your Canyon View address or another address you supply to Cardinal Management.  

Can I advertise and hold a garage sale? 

Canyon View generally holds a large community thrift sale each fall, which diminishes the need for individual sales throughout the year and increases attendance. The Board encourages homeowners to participate in this sale. If you must hold a sale at a different time, you may advertise on the premises no sooner than 48 hours prior to the event and all advertisement must be removed within 24 hours of the ending of the event. 

Are there rules for the pool? 

Yes. They are clearly posted on the pool gate and in the shower area. Showering before entering the pool is a law. The other pool rules have been approved by the HOA for the safety and consideration of homeowners. There is no lifeguard available at any time, and use of the pool is at your own risk. 

What about the workout room? 

Your HOA has provided equipment that you may use at your own risk. When others are waiting to work out, please don’t use any one piece of equipment for more than 30 minutes. Be sure to wipe down the equipment when you are through using it and use each piece of equipment according to directions. See additional guidelines on the workout room bulletin board. 
How do I receive updates from the HOA and its Board members? 
Currently there are three main vehicles for neighborhood news.  
 The Echoes From the Canyon newsletter is published monthly and distributed in the neighborhood by volunteers.   Watch the Clubhouse bulletin Board for notices and news.  Check the web site:


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