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(Click here to view, previous galley images)


We had another 4th of July celebration in our clubhouse. Thanks to Phill and Margo and rest of the crew who helped clean up. Click here for more pictures of July 4th, 2018


Dan, I want the receipe for delicious Lasagna! Thanks to CC and Dan, our Italian dinner was a success!
Click here for more pictures. (Gulten)

We had a great 4th of July Potluck. Thank you everyone who helped and organized.
Please click here to view more pictures of 4th of July Potluck at Canyon View Clubhouse.

On Friday, April 14, Arlene from AZ Baskets, taught a gourd class. Ten residents learned the intricacies of gourd making and took home their own decorated gourd! A great time was had by all!
Click here for more pictures.

Thanks to everyone and especially to Arleene for organizing Christmas dinner at the clubhouse. For more pictures of Christmas dinner click here.

Pool Party by Canadian Friends

Pool Party by our Canadian Friends
Thanks to Gus & Sandy McInnis

We had a wonderful party, thanks to everyone who brought delicious food to make this party even more enjoyable. Please click here to view more images

Square Dance 2016
Click here for more images
Lila and Tom

We had another fun Valentines Party in Canyon View Clubhouse (February 14th, 2016). Click here to view more pictures.


Please click here to view more pictures of Holloween 2015

New Benches Arrived in Canyon View along with some Curious Visiters

Please click on CC and Linda's picture to view more of Canyon View benches

Linda and CC

Who is Miss Golf?
Please click on Miss Golf's picture to see more pictures of fun day. There are many pictures of the event. If you like to have original ones to be printed, send me and email.
Valentines Day Party 2015
Click here for more pictures

Happy New Year! Newyears Eve at the Clubhouse 2014
Click here to view more pictures of Newyears eve pictures.
Ruth and Dave

Gulten and Guests

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year. Here is Gulten, Jorgen, Lee and Carolyn.
Please click here to view more pictures of the Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

We had many volunteers who helped us cook, clean, serve. Thank you everyone, Courney Clark, Jean Ann and Bob, myself (Gulten), Ted and Suzi, Kathy Anderson and several others whom I cannot remember at the moment, Thanks for your help.

Phill Adair

Thank you, CC, Sandy and Dennis Gass, and Phil Adair and his friends. We had a wonderful spagetti dinner and Music

click here for more pictures

4th of July Rain

We had a great 4th of July lunch at the clubhouse. Thank you CC and Doris and many others who helped us to clean up after the party. (Click here to view more pictures)

Gulten Argamak



First Day of the Summer Party (2014) Click here to view more images.

Memorial Day 2014
Thank you Dennis & Sandy for organizing this Memorial Day Picnic lunch.

To view more of the Memorial Day 2014 pictures, click here.

Our Gallery page won't be complete without our resident owls: Rock & Roll
rock and roll

smiling owls

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