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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is an effective crime prevention program that involves residents being the "extra eyes and ears" in their neighborhood.  It involves neighbors working with law enforcement to help reduce crime.  It's not an excuse to be "nosy", but is being a concerned, caring and helpful neighbor. 

Neighbors can get to know each other better and work in the program of looking out for each other.  The best crime prevention technique ever invented is being a good neighbor!  Report unusual or suspicious behavior by calling 911. 

If your house will be unoccupied for an extended period, leave keys and contact information with a trusted neighbor.  If you would like the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers to make periodic security checks of your house while you are away, contact the SAV office at 351-6744.  There is no charge for this service, though donations are welcome.


Volunteers Needed - Please contactl Doris Smith

From Cyndy Nickerson
What is Neighborhood Watch?
1.  Get to know your neighbors; please tell one of them if you are going to be gone for an extended time.  The Sheriff's Auxiliary will do a frequent empty house check for you if you request it.  Call 547-6744.
2. If you have reason to worry about someone who might be ill, call the Sheriff's Auxiliary at 547-6744, and they will go to their house and check on them.
3.  Report suspicious activities to 911, do not try and handle yourself.  Examples:  Prowlers, unknown cars and occupants staying in the neighborhood for an unusual length of time, anyone trying to break into a house/garage.
4.  Your Block Captain has Envelopes of Life for you.  Please fill out and stick on side of your refrigerator.  This is emergency information for paramedics.
5.  We are volunteers and do not enforce parking, personal disputes, clubhouse violations or other things outside the specific role of the Neighborhood Watch Charter.
Thanks for being a good neighbor!

The Block Captain is responsible for updating information on new residents in their area and sending these changes to the Chairperson.  Each resident should have an Envelope of Life (medical info for emergencies), 911 cards and information on the Neighborhood Watch program.   The Block Captain contacts new residents and provides this information to them.


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